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  • Organizing my space

  • I love to design my own quilt patterns and share them. I am a confessed lover of vintage and reproduction fabrics, my favorite thing to do is applique.
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Organizing my space

Hello Everyone

Well I have had a busy time sorting out my sewing space. This has all come about due to problems with my sewing machine. My poor Phaff expression 4.0 is in the sewing machine hospital, I am really really missing it, it will be away for at least ten days. That's a long time and a big sewing with-drawl. As you know from my previous post I have had problems when trying to machine quilt. The bobbin case would jump out of position and it would make a noise that ran chills down my spine. ( Has anyone else had this happen ? I would love to hear from you ) I thought it was something I had been doing wrong and persevered with anything and everything to try to solve the problem. Blaming the thread of course ! it could never be human error. I then gave up on it all together and pulled out my trusty Bernina 440QE. This caused another problem as I did not have enough room to set the Bernina up permanently in my sewing room, soooooooo I thought about this with great frustration and then took the plunge and brought a new larger Grande Sewezi table ooooh I love it, GREAT table!!!!!!!

But all was still NOT well, I then started doing some applique on my Phaff thinking it would be fine, but alas the same problem started happening which I have never had a problem doing applique before so I knew then it could not be my fault. It had to be the machine. By this time I was already looking at sewing machine catalouge's thinking about crossing over to the other side............ After speaking to the repair man I now hope my faith can be restored and that I when I get my machine back she purr's like a new one. In the mean time I am pushing on with my little Bernina, it is taking some patience to get used to this little machine again but one thing it always works and works well.

As the tittle says, organizing my space. Well with the new table there was some sorting out and moving of furniture, books, fabrics etc to be done to get the table fitting perfectly. I am really happy with the outcome and love having both machines within easy reach. This will mean I will be able to have a quilt being quilted and not have to change the settings when I want to have a change and do some piecing and applique work.

Take a look at the before and after shots of my sewing room. Looking at the before shots I thought I was never going to get there, you know how you get half way and wonder What was I thinking............ Haha But it was soooo worth it, if only to get this lovely new table.

sewing room organization 2

Sewing room organization


Have I really got that many books ? Yes I do and I read them all haha

Here is the after picture, Much better.

Sewing Room Finished

Finished Sewing room with Rosie

It has Rosie's approval. Still a few things needing to find a place, but all in all pretty good.

Now that's done I have been able to get on with my quilt, and I am spending the rest of the day blissfully quilting.

Quilting with Bernina copy

Happy Stitching


  • BerninaMachine QuiltingPhaff expression 4.0quiltingSewezi tableSewing RoomStudio

Comments on this post (2)

  • Aug 03, 2016

    I have never known any-one to change their sewing room around as much as you. Haha! Lucky you have the space to do it. Bugger about your machine. Maybe you should have traded it in all those months ago when we looked at the new ones. Hopefully it’ll come back as good as new.
    BTW Happy Birthday for tomorrow! :-)

    — sue

  • Aug 03, 2016

    Hi Sharon, must be the weather for it, I had a massive re-sort of fabric which evolved in to a re jig of my space. Very happy in there now, but like you wondered what I had started and why!
    I also have the Pfaff expressions 4 and find it a little frustrating in several ways, just sewing…I don’t quilt on it. Your space looks great, and your quilt looks gorgeous too, looking fwd to a finished pic of the quilt

    — Margaret

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