My Rarotonga Holiday

Hello Everyone

I have been spoil’t this year and have returned from a lovely break away in beautiful Rarotonga. White sands and clear blue water, lots of relaxing on the beach and eating out at wonderful restaurants. I even had some quiet time to catch up on hand sewing.

My highlight was to see amazing Tivaivai quilts. At the museum they were preparing for an exhibition, as I was not going to be there for the exhibition a lovely lady working at the desk took me out the back and gave me my own personal exhibition. These quilts were amazing, the embroidery stitches combined with cut out applique are stunning colourful  displays of local flowers and palms. I was not able to take any photos of this fabulous artwork, but would stress to anyone visiting that it is a must to see. On certain days you can sit with the ladies and learn how they make these wonderful quilts. My husband was loving the exhibition also and took me to the local bookshop and purchased a book on Tivaivai for me. I would also stress that you should be aware of the way this is spelt as there are people trying to commercialize this art and they spell it Tivaevae. If you are interested in this art then this book is a must, a really interesting read from cover to cover. I can definitely see this will have an influence in my designs.

Tivaivai Book

We also loved the flowers on the island, Frangipani is my favourite and there are plenty of these in many beautiful colours. we rode around the island on a scooter, me on the back and loads of fun.

Here are a few of the photos I took of this beautiful place.


My collection of Frangipani flowers that had  fallen off the tree. ( Honestly I did not pick them )

Ship Wreck

Ship Wreck in the Harbour

Palm View

Palm trees


Hibiscus on beach

Hibiscus flower on the beach

Hibiscus Flower

Happy Stitching




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