More Civil War Bride Blocks


I have been working hard on the Civil War Bride Quilt. I am really loving making this quilt, I also have come across an old quilting book at our local guild with a picture of the original quilt which was a great find. The original quilt has a different block and the border is a little different also. I have been planning to make a few changes in my quilt also.

Here are pictures of my latest finished blocks

Civil War Bride Quilt Block

Civil War Bride Quilt Block

These are appliqued with the invisible machine method, the pieces are small and there are alot of them so it takes a bit of work. When I started this quilt I knew that if I started making it by hand needle turn applique it would take me along time as I can’t see that well at night and this is the only time I get to hand sew, but I am really loving the process of the machine work and find that the finished look is very much the same.

I spent alot of time studying this technique, working with threads and products,machine stitches etc and have made my own changes to get the look I want. I am now working with other machine applique methods as well.

I love the testing process and find I have learnt so much this way.

I look forward to hearing from you all as to your favourite methods etc.

Happy Stitching


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9 thoughts on “More Civil War Bride Blocks

  1. Love the strawberry block…. very pretty.
    Been at Mum’s today looking through her books and now totally motivated, just need something easy to start with..

    • Hi Louise
      Great to hear from you, hope you are all surviving the winter cold. May be down your way sometime in August.
      Glad to hear you areinspired to make a quilt.

  2. I was so excited to read that someone was using their Pfaff Expression 4.0 for machine applique and was happy with it. I have one but have only done buttonhole so far and don’t consider myself very good yet. I’ll keep working at it.

  3. Hi Sharon,
    Your Civil War Bride quilt blocks are just lovely. What is the name of the book and the author that features the original quilt?

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