Berries and Blossoms Quilt Pattern

Berries and Blossoms Quilt is now finished ! The Berries and Blossoms quilt was been wonderful to make from start to finish. Even tho’ I did get a little side tracked along the way….. as we all do. You can find the Berries and Blossoms PDF Pattern at Pine Valley Quilts / blog, Etsy, Craftsy and The Pattern Spot. A printed version of the Berries and Blossoms pattern is listed on the Pine Valley Quilts website. Berries and Blossoms Quilt Pattern/Pine Valley QuiltsBerries and Blossoms Quilt Pattern/Pine Valley Quilts

The photo above would have been better without the shade ! I am not patient enough to be a photographer and wait for the elements to be perfect……… neither am I skilled at photo-shop this photo will stay as it is !!!!

Writing the pattern before starting the quilt was a very good idea. Some quilts fall into place and this was one of them, nothing changed from my original layout. The design came together nicely.

Happy Stitching


Quilting Update / Berries and Blossoms

Berries and Blossoms is coming along nicely !

I have used YLI 100 weight silk thread on the top and Wonderfil Invisifil in the bobbin.         A nice combination. For some reason I always make smaller shapes then I intend to, I really have to concentrate to get nice large shapes. I am filling in with circles, as there are so many applique circles in this quilt. Feathers are my favorite, so I have added them in randomly around the applique. I also have ideas of quilting a few birds in the border, but it’s early days at this stage so will see how it looks when I get to the border.

The quilting on this quilt is similar to the quilting on my Blackberry Ramble Table Runner. Take a look at the quilting.

Quilting 3_edited-1

My quilting update so far. I try to stay away from marking pens as much as I can.

Berries and Blossoms / Quilting Update

Happy Stitching


Ready to Quilt / Berries and Blossoms

Berries and Blossoms is basted and ready for the first stitch. I always find a great deal of expectation lies on the first stitch placed. My mind is racing with ideas, and expectations !   Starting with ditch stitching around the applique with Wonderfil Invisafil thread in a neutral shade in the top and bobbin. I will change the colour to ditch stitch inside the applique shapes and make them stand out. I love to see how this makes the applique come alive.

Basting / Berries and Blossoms Basting / Pine Valley Quilts First Stitch / Berries and Blossoms

Here goes my first stitch.

Do you feel like this when you start quilting your quilts ?

Happy Stitching


Applique Day Today / Berries and Blossoms Quilt

Its an applique day today, making an early start while the rest of the house sleeps. My faithful Kitty Kat is here to help.

Kitty Kat  Ready to start Quilting

I have spent snippets of time in between spending time with family, making all these circles and flowers for the borders of my quilt. 160 circles on the border alone, but well worth it as they really look great. The borders are basted and all ready to be stitched down. I am stitching my applique invisibly by machine, although it is faster it is a little tedious at times. A good audio book keeps me going, I have been listening to ‘The Summer Girls’ by Mary Alice Munroe.

Applique Flowers  Pine Valley Quilts Blossoms and Berries  Pine Valley Quilts

Happy Stitching


Linking with Esther Aliu

Star Flower Table Runner

My Star Flower Table Runner Pattern will be in the Autumn issue of Quilt Mania Magazine. Along with the pattern is a short video on the placement of the center flower. Anyone who had purchased this pattern previously may be interested in this video, you can find it on U-Tube. The video will also be shown on the Quilt Mania + app for portable devices. With this app you can download your magazine and read it on the go, with the project they have a small video on the techniques used etc. I love this app and find it great to be able to have access to all this extra information that goes with the project.

I have not done a video before so this is all new to me and I might add a little scary to know that it’s out there in cyberspace for all to see. haha  It was a lot of fun to make, and a good way to show different techniques etc.

Star Flower Table Runner / Pine Valley Quilts

Quilt Mania Autumn Issue / Star Flower Table Runner







Please leave me a comment, I love to hear from you all.

Happy Stitching


Breath of Spring

It truly is springtime here at Pine Valley Quilts !


Although lately a little wet for my liking.

To celebrate I have been working through my pattern collection and slowly making all of my existing patterns available as PDF downloads.

The latest pattern I have done is my Breath of Spring Quilt Pattern.

Breath of Spring / Pine Valley Quilts

If you feel like making this lovely quilt inspired by Springtime.

You can download a copy from the downloadable patterns tab, or from my pattern store’s at Etsy, Craftsy and The Pattern Spot.

Happy Stitching


Blackberry Ramble Table Runner

Snowed under in bookwork lately and no time to quilt, don’t you hate paper work.             I thought I would take a wee break and share some pictures of my Blackberry Ramble Table Runner. The pattern is now available as a downloadable PDF.

Maybe you have already seen this table runner as it has also been in Quilters Companion magazine earlier this year.

Blackberry Ramble TAble RunnerBlackberry Ramble Table Runner Blackberry Ramble Table Runner Blackberry Ramble Table RunnerBlackberry Ramble Downloadable PDF’s are available for sale on Etsy, Craftsy and The Pattern Spot.

Invisible Machine Applique with turned edges has been used to applique this table runner, you will find my instructions on how I do this included in this and all my applique patterns.

Over at Amy’s Free Motion Quilting blog she shares her tips on using monofilament thread. It’s great information and worth sharing.

Have you had problems with your monofilament thread ?

Happy Stitching


Berries and Blossoms

I have had this applique quilt on the go for a while now. I have got a little stuck with it’s progress, I need to kick start myself along with it as the top is almost finished. Only three more borders to applique.

And all those circles to make ……………. 120 more to go.

I started with these fabrics. Pulled from my stash, I have been wanting to use these reproduction fabrics I have been collecting. Love that purple !!!

Berries and Blossoms FabricsThis is the first flower and I’m loving it.

Berries and Blossoms FlowerThis is the first block, pleased so far. But oooh a lot of circles.

Berries and Blossoms BlockA  rough picture of the four blocks together, I have been wanting to make a four block applique quilt for sometime now. I think it may need some kind of border ?

Berries and Blossoms four blocksYou can just see in the next picture the diamond border I have put around the four centre blocks. Now for the applique border, I have one corner stitched down so far.

Berries and Blossoms Applique Border Berries and Blossoms Applique Border Now I need to get on a finish the other three corners. I am also planning an edge around the quilt to finish it.

My favorite fabric so far is that green and brown print in the leaves. Amazing how the fabrics you are not so keen on end up making such a difference.

Which is your favorite fabric ?

Happy Stitching


Lilly”s Table Mat Class

Totally enjoyable weekend, filled with quilts, and new friends.

We had load’s of fun in class making Lilly’s Table Mat. A wonderful group of ladies, lot’s of laughter and sharing.

Lilly's Table Mat class Lilly's Table Mat Class Lilly's Table Mat Class Lilly's Table Mat Class Lilly's Table Mat Class Lilly's Table Mat Class Lilly's Table Mat Class Lilly's Table Mat Class Lilly's Table Mat ClassVisit Delbrook Quilt Company in Hastings, well worth a visit.

Thank you all so much for a great weekend.


Happy Stitching


Delbrook Quilt Company

Heading on down to Delbrook Quilt Company in Hastings for a great weekend teaching my ‘ Invisible Machine Applique Class ‘

The quilt I am teaching is ‘Lilly’s table Mat’.

Lilly's Table Mat 4_edited-2PDF patterns for Lilly’s Table Mat are available here

Happy Stitching


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