A good day to quilt

Hello Everyone

It is such a dreary day today, after the glorious day of sunshine we had yesterday. It has rained all night, I love the sound of rain on the roof while I am snuggled up in bed warm as toast.

Today I have the fire going and the crockpot on with a lovely stew. The only thing left to do is sit at my machine and quilt. Gotta love days like this.

Too wet to garden

Too wet to garden

Deary Wet Day

Deary Wet Day


Somehow even tho the weather is awful living by the water there is always something worth looking at.

Red Block Challenge

Red Block Challenge

Today I will finish the quilting on my Red block challenge, the challenge is RED and it is a twelve inch block. This is my effort, now to finish it and send it off. The challenge is with ‘Aotearoa Quilters‘ I have not entered in any challenges before so this is a first for me. It will be really interesting to see what everyone comes up with.

Looking forward to your comments

Happy Stitching


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