Wander Through my Quilting Garden

Wander Through my Quilting Garden

While taking my daily wander through my garden this morning, my thoughts were taken back to memories of my Mother’s garden. Growing up amongst sprawling flowers of every type imaginable, Large Dahlia heads of vibrant colors. My Mother’s pride and joy !! My Father was the fruit and vegetable grower, between the two of them they created a restful, magical place. My own gardening skills leave a lot to be desired, but I have managed to create a garden that has a few of the lovely flowers and shrubs from my childhood. My husband is also a keen fruit and vegetable grower ( they say you marry someone like your Father haha ) My lovely husband has managed to create a garden where he has brought a whole community of friends working together to grow produce for their families. ( another story for another post )

Looking at the quilts I have created over the years, I see that somehow in my subconscious, memories of my Mother’s garden have had a big influence. Along with watching her sew the beautiful outfits she would lovingly make for myself and my brothers and sister, lining the four of us up in front of the impressive flowers that were out at the time to take a photo that would then be cemented in time and our memories.

Wander through my Quilting Garden with me.

Wander through my Quilting Garden / Pine Valley Quilts

Vintage Crosses / Pine Valley Quilts

Wander through my Quilting Garden / Pine Valley Quilts














Wander through my Quilting Garden / Pine Valley Quilts






Wreath Cushion

Wreath Cushion / Pine Valley Quilts










No New Zealand Garden would be complete without one of our lovely Tui’s

Wander through my Quilting Garden / Pine Valley Quilts

Tui / Pine Valley Quilts










Wander through my Quilting Garden / PIne Valley Quilts

Birds in a Bluebird Tree / Pine Valley Quilts


Wander Through my Quilting Garden

Blossoms and Berries / Pine Valley Quilts









Wander Through my Quilting Garden

Sunburst Quilts / Pine Valley Quilts


Wander Through my Quilting Garden

Luscious Berry Baskets


I am looking forward to where the wander through my Quilting Garden takes me.

Happy Stitching


The Power of Striped Fabric

The Power of Striped Fabric

It always amazes me how a Striped Fabric can dramatically change the design of a quilt. While currently working on my Scrappy Basket quilt  which is made from my scrap bin. I have posted about this quilt in a previous post. I discovered a lovely stripe fabric already cut to the right size. ( Must have been fate ) I tried this piece of striped fabric with my basket quilt. I was so glad I did, the power of striped fabric rocks !! The piece I found in my scrap basket had been left over from my ‘ Star Flower Table Runner ‘ where again the power of striped fabric rocked !

Just to digress a little I have just remembered that I used a striped fabric on the zig zag border of my ‘ Woodland Table Runner ‘ While choosing the striped fabric for this border my friend Sue and I were having a fun sewing day. Always great to get a friends opinion.

The Power of Stripe Fabric / Pine Valley Quilts








Back to my Scrappy Basket Quilt ! The piece I found in my scrap basket had been cut with the stripes running downwards, although to cut the fabric selvage to selvage the stripes were running crosswise. I tried both directions……….. Which direction do you like ? I liked the downwards direction without a doubt but its always best to try everything first before making the final decision right ?……………….

The Power of Striped Fabric / Pine Valley Quilts

Stripes going downwards










The Power of Striped Fabric / Pine Valley Quilts

Stripes going crossways










Scrappy Baskets

Stripe fabric borders sewn onto basket blocks











I am loving making this scrap quilt, I love when the quilt design changes direction. Keeps me on my toes………..

Happy Stitching



Tavern Reds Applique Block

Tavern Reds Applique Block

With the Tavern Reds Applique Block I have used two different Applique Techniques.     For the ( Zig Zag shapes ) brown leaves. I used a wash away stabilizer and turned the edges using a wash away glue stick or sew line glue pen. In my previous post I talked about the Glue Baste Applique Technique.

Applique Techniques / Pine Valley Quilts

For the center flower I have used freezer paper for the templates and turned the edges with spray starch and a hot iron. More on how to do Spray Starch Applique here.

Applique Techniques / Pine Valley Quilts









My next step is to stitch the applique in place.

How do you like to do your applique ? Do you have any tips ?

Happy Stitching


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Scrappy Baskets Quilt

Scrappy Baskets Quilt

The Scrappy Baskets Quilt is the result of finally having all my fabric scraps organized. The basket block I am using for the Scrappy Baskets Quilt is made from my 2.5 inch strips and the 1/2 square triangle ruler. (Fabulous) The given name for the block is ‘Flower Basket’.

I love the random look that is happening. There is no order to how I am placing my Scrap Basket fabrics. Total fun !!!!! It’s is very addictive to play with fabrics in this way. All I have to think about is the Light, Medium and Dark. Not Color!!!! This is an important fact, color is a factor but NOT as important as Light, Medium and Dark. This is how I work for all of my quilts. Color comes into my quilts to start with and it is truly personal preference as some of us like red, others like blue either way the big factor is light, medium and dark. This is what creates the impact.

Some of my blocks so far, click on pictures to enlarge.

The 1/2 square triangle ruler is such a great tool Bonnie Hunter has great tips on how to specialty Rulers.

Do you love playing with scraps ?  Whats your color theory ?

Happy Stitching


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Glue Stick Applique Technique

Glue Stick Applique Techniques is one of the many Applique Techniques I use to create applique on my quilts. Each applique technique I use helps me create the look I am wanting. Glue Stick Applique Technique and many other applique techniques I use can be sewn by hand or machine, I prefer turned edge applique, and I do NOT want my stitches showing. My preference is to stitch by machine. I enjoy using my sewing machine, making it a little faster.

The current quilt I am working on has four applique blocks in the center of the quilt and Corn and Beans blocks that make up the border which are now all finished. More about these in my last post.

Corn and Beans block using Speciatly Rulers

A few of my finished Corn and Beans Blocks

Applique Technique

I am currently working on the applique blocks for the center of the quilt. I am using the applique technique ‘ Glue Stick Applique ‘.

In my next post I will show you more of how I baste my applique ready for stitching.

What applique techniques do you use ?

Happy Stitching


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Scrap Fabric Organization

Scrap fabric Organization !

Time to take the plunge and Organize my Scrap Fabrics !

Scrap Fabric OrganizationEmbarrassing ! Here is a portion of what my fabric scrap pile looks like.

After much thought I decided my most used sizes are:

Strips 1.5 inches, 2.5 inches and 3.5 inches.

Squares 10 inches, and 5 inches. I also cut  smaller sizes of 2.5 inches and 3.5 inches if they are not big enough to be strips.

Fabrics Scraps for Applique

I love to applique so I also want to have a selection to use for applique. The 10, 5 inch and smaller cut squares will be perfect. I have also had to be realistic about keeping anything smaller, I know I will never use them.

Scrap Fabric Organization Scrap Fabric Organization

How to organize your fabric scraps by color or Light Medium and dark ?

After more thought…. thinking thinking ………. I decided that Light Medium and Dark is how I use my fabrics…… but I also need to be able to select colors easily so…………………. I thought I would try to be supper organized and go with both and sort by color then light medium and dark hues. You must be proud of me, I know my Mother would be ! haha

Finding little pieces ( now beautifully cut and ready to go ) of treasure and fond memories of my quilting process in these scrap fabrics has been a lot of fun. I wish I had started this earlier. I also get to go shopping now for containers, I would like breathable containers that can sit nicely on my shelf. One for each scarp fabric size.

Inspiration / New Quilt Ideas

While merrily cutting, I have so many ideas on how I am going to use these beautifully organized Fabric Scraps. I am looking forward to sharing them with you, I hope you will follow along with me as I make some small quilts with my Fabric.

I would love you to share how do you Organize your fabric Scraps ?

Searching the internet I have found these great posts you might like to read.


The Sassy Quilter

Fabric Therapy 

Bee in my Bonnet

Stitch This

Happy Stitching


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Making Quilts using Specialty Rulers

Making Quilts using Specialty Rulers / half square triangle and quarter square triangle rulers.

Making quilts using Specialty Rulers is worth a try. These are my favorite rulers to make the Corn and Beans Quilt block so easy. I can cut out all the pieces I need for the whole quilt top in a fraction of the time. No need to resize your blocks as all the pieces fit together so nicely. Points match easily, no messing around! Just straight to the fun part. Sewing!

All these are a big plus for me, love! love! love! my rulers.

I would love to know how many of you use specialty quilting rulers ?

Happy Stitching


Berries and Blossoms Quilt Pattern

Berries and Blossoms Quilt is now finished ! The Berries and Blossoms quilt was been wonderful to make from start to finish. Even tho’ I did get a little side tracked along the way….. as we all do. You can find the Berries and Blossoms PDF Pattern at Pine Valley Quilts / blog, Etsy, Craftsy and The Pattern Spot. A printed version of the Berries and Blossoms pattern is listed on the Pine Valley Quilts website. Berries and Blossoms Quilt Pattern/Pine Valley QuiltsBerries and Blossoms Quilt Pattern/Pine Valley Quilts

The photo above would have been better without the shade ! I am not patient enough to be a photographer and wait for the elements to be perfect……… neither am I skilled at photo-shop this photo will stay as it is !!!!

Writing the pattern before starting the quilt was a very good idea. Some quilts fall into place and this was one of them, nothing changed from my original layout. The design came together nicely.

Happy Stitching


Cathedral Window Pincushion

The Cathedral Window Quilt block has always been inspiring. It has so many possibilities ! An entertaining morning was filled with teaching a wonderful group of ladies from the Hamilton Quilters Guild how to make a Cathedral Window pincushion. Fun Fun Fun !!!

I have made several Cathedral Window pincushions with this little block, a quick and easy present to give to a special friend.

We had a fun day with the Hamilton Quilters Guild such a great group of ladies. My friend Jackie and I set off early on Saturday morning to drive to Hamilton ( about an hour and a half drive South from Auckland City ) I brought along my Quilt patterns, fabrics and notions from my Pine Valley Quilts Website shop. It was great to be asked to talk about my quilts and how I started Pine Valley Quilts, my love of quilts and designing quilt patterns. Talking about quilting is always a pleasure.

Cathedral Window Pincushion/Pine Valley Quilts

This little pincushion is the same top and bottom. I am looking forward to playing more with this wonderful block.

Make your own Cathedral Window Pincushion here.

A selection of the quilts I took along with me.

The patterns for my latest quilts are in the process of being written, I will be posting their arrival when I have them finished.

Happy Stitching


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The Last Stitch / Berries and Blossoms

It’s always a little sad when I put the last stitch into a quilt, I get myself so engrossed in the process that it’s kinda like loosing a good friend. I still have the binding to stitch down on my Berries and Blossoms Quilt, not quite my last stitch yet. I am very happy with the Berries and Blossoms quilt. It’s always so nice to see what you envision come to life and see that it actually works…… and looks good…..

The quilting has been so much fun, I did not have a plan at all. i was just happy to meander with little circles and add in some fun quilting like butterflies, birds, feathers and a few swirls. I asked my son Peter to draw a bird for me to quilt so the swallows are his handy work. I love how you can look at this quilt and find all the little treasures hidden amongst the quilting.

I used a cotton batting, YLI Silk thread on the top and Wonderfil Invisifil Thread in the bobbin. these thread are very fine, the quilting just melts into the background giving a quilted look and letting the applique be the star of the show.

Berries and Blossoms Quilt is going to be on the Cottage Flair Stand at Festival of Quilts / Auckland Guild Show, so if you are going along you can stop by and take a look. The pattern for the Berries and blossoms quilt will also be available so you can create your own version. Jill and the team from Cottage Flair always have a beautiful range of quilting gorgeousness to tempt everyone.

A few pictures of the quilting on my Berries and Blossoms Quilt. Click on the picture to get a larger view.

Happy Stitching


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